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Ursa’s the best designer I have ever worked with. She offered me superb fashion advice inspired by American as well as Italian designers to enhance my personal style. She created stunning combinations that I was excited and happy to wear and that made me feel special. Thanks to Ursa’s instruction, I am a better shopper. She taught me to control my impulse buying. I was coached to focus on what I needed along with the quality of the material and how to wear. I highly recommend you meet with Ursa, I promise you’ll will be happy with the results.
— Chris D. (LOOK INSTYLE client)
Working with Ursa was an invaluable experience. I appreciated her ability to communicate—to get down to business while gently guiding and explaining color, style and clothing details. She put together pieces that had previously confounded me. I came away with a clear understanding of what flattered my body and confident in my ability to combine various pieces in my closet to achieve my unique look. She’s a style artist.
— Felecia J. (RESTYLE MY CLOSET client)
My consultation with Ursa has been a delightful process. She is artistic, creative, and inspired. Since I have worked with her, I think of getting dressed and of my wardrobe differently. I think of the beauty she speaks of when she describes shape, form and color. Ursa identified shapes and colors that work for me, she paired orphaned items in my closet and created new and pleasing looks. You will love working with her.
— Heather T. (Assoc. Prof., University of Washington and UPSTYLE MY WARDROBE client)
Ursa helped me see what clothes in my closet worked together in ways I would never have thought of. She showed me styles that worked for me and even guided me to choose more flattering glasses. Though I was anxious before we started, Ursa put me at ease. She is so gracious and tactful that our time together seemed too short but extremely helpful.
— Anita M. (RESTYLE MY CLOSET client)
My experience with Ursa was really refreshing. Her knowledge of color and style and how that works with me, individually, was amazing. I am now more thoughtful about my wardrobe and feel confident with my clothing choices.
— Carol W. (Educational Consultant and UPSTYLE MY WARDROBE client)
I felt I had developed my own sense of style over the years but working with Ursa helped refine and enhance it. It’s exciting and fun!
— Joy K. (RESTYLE MY CLOSET client)
Ursa spent a few hours with me looking over things in my closet. She has a brilliant eye for color and gave me great ideas of new ways to pair clothes that I hadn’t worn in a while. I also appreciated her honest feedback about what clothes worked best to compliment my body. I came out of the process with some beautiful outfit ideas as well as a new appreciation for different ways to put clothes together. It was like an afternoon of playing dress up in my own closet and I would highly recommend Ursa’s services to anyone.

Ursa into account my likes/dislikes, body type and general style and found looks and pieces I love but would have never found without her help. She’s just lovely and I’m really happy and excited to try the looks out!
— Desi Z. (WISHI client from Canada) *WISHI.ME is an online styling platform
Ursa is a wonderful stylist. She was able to put together looks for me that matched my needs and my style. Working with Ursa has been a refreshing and delightful experience. I loved all the looks she put together for me. I would highly recommend Ursa for any styling needs.
— Heidi H. (*WISHI Client) *WISHI.ME is an online styling platform
Great style! Ursa sent me some items I would never have chosen myself, but they look great and they should manage to spice up my “plain” closet! I highly recommend Ursa. She is a wonderful stylist and she managed to go above and beyond all of my expectations. I can’t wait until my next stylist session with her.
— Stephanie F. (*WISHI client from Canada) *WISHI.ME is an online styling platform
Ursa did a phenomenal job at putting together the coolest outfits for me to wear around NYC. She really nailed it with each look, and catered to all my style preferences... right down to the color palettes I wanted! She’s AMAZING!! I highly recommend her :)
— Cecily R. (WISHI* client) *WISHI.ME is an online styling platform
Ursa is master stylist and was able to pull pieces that suited my style & budget. Super grateful for all her work!
— Kate K. (WISHI* client)


Working with Ursa was a genuine and very pleasant experience. She encouraged me to use her styling and color techniques to bring life to my own clothes and to give pieces that have been sitting in my closet for years more meaning.
I learned to pay more attention to what I already own and be more confident when it comes to my body shape and my age. By using the right color, style and accessories she brought up my best assets and helped me save tons of money. I learned that a bit of accessorizing goes a long way. It creates a focal point, is personal and fun.
Ursa was very gentle and kind. I felt like we were playing in a sand box and were creating something that suited my personality and looked very stylish on top. I really enjoyed such intimate learning process. She made me feel valued and worthy. Having a person who gives a professional opinion in such a positive and constructive way was for me a wonderful experience.
I wish to spread the word about her service and to encourage women to profit from her styling tips and in return they will receive more confidence and beauty into their lives.
— Maria Y. (RESTYLE MY CLOSET client)