Personal Styling workflow


5 steps to get you styled

Style is not something given to only a few nor is it something fixed. It evolves through your life and it can be learned. Our Styling process consists of 5 steps with a scope to provide you a new perspective on fashion and style, which will help you achieve your own Style goal. Check our styling service packages, which combine various phases of the workflow to fit your specific needs and Contact us for details.


This is a FREE consultation and the opportunity to get to know one another. Through this meeting, we will gain insight into your lifestyle and what you would like to achieve. At the end we will create an online profile, which will be a reference for your future shopping and for developing of your personal style.


This is the essential part in the styling process. It gives the insight into your aesthetic preferences and it sets the direction of refining or redefining your personal style. We sort and analyze, we help you eliminate and make a list of missing items for your future shopping tour. We also show how to pull together outfits differently and create new outfit options without spending much on new pieces. Exploring the importance of accessories, proportions and colors to individualize your look will round up this session. You will end up with an organized closet, free from clutter and with only ready to wear clothes. Pictures taken through this session will make your daily choice of the favorite outfit easy and fun.


Is the best way to be efficient with your own wardrobe and to create many looks with a minimal number of items. A capsule wardrobe is a selection of 20 to 30 key pieces that most accurately express your style, reflect your lifestyle and allow you to quickly pull together an outfit for your chosen occasion. They can be mixed and matched with each other easily. You can build a capsule wardrobe for a travel or for specific life activities, like work, leisure, workout or simply for your days off.


At the end of the closet edit we will provide you a list of recommended items to add to your closet. You will have a free choice to decide whether you want to go on a hunt for the items alone, having us accompanying you on a shopping trip or choosing our online styling option, an online shopping proposal with the directly shoppable links.

I - in-store personal shopping / SHOPPING COMPANION

We will hit the stores with a well planned strategy. I will help you understand the importance of the effects of color and fit. You will learn how to avoid the pitfalls of sales and discover new ways to take advantage of them. Shopping will become a conscious and intentional experience, leading to a complete and ideal wardrobe.

II- ONLINE shopping proposal / online STYLING

We will provide you items from our shopping list in form of a layout of a complete outfit or just the individual pieces from our list of “missing pieces” and include the links you can instantly click and shop.


We will meet again or we will chat over Skype, Facetime or phone to summarize your experience. You will receive a personalized guideline for your future shopping trips and photos of the outfits we made throughout the styling sessions to make your daily dressing decision hassle free and fun.


Take a first step!

No matter in which stage of your Style journey you stand. We will answer your questions and navigate to your desired Style goal.