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I’m Ursa

Your Personal Stylist for sessions in person and your Online Personal Stylist, if the distance is too big and the time is too tight…


My Story

A person can look fashionable regardless of their age, their size or their bank account, just by having great style. Great style uplifts one’s mood and fills one with confidence. You can achieve this with less shopping and better styling. I have found nothing more rewarding than helping someone find his or her own personal style and see their personality shine through it.

My name is Ursa (pronounced Oor-sha). I was born in Slovenia, a small country in Europe nested between the Alps and the Adriatic sea. The way I became a stylist is unconventional yet it happened naturally. My mother was an artist, a painter and textile designer. She taught me to appreciate beauty as harmony perceived by the senses. Perhaps most importantly, she showed me how to use fashion and style as a form of self-expression, or as a way to convey personal identity.

Even after my law studies and later a finance career in Switzerland, I remained faithful to my passion, color and style. I bent the stiff rules of a banking uniform and experimented with accessories. By infusing my personal touch to this uniform and elevating it with unique accessories I became a style guru among my female colleagues who came to me with all questions regarding fashion and style.

But it is in Seattle that I dedicate my passion completely to styling. I assess and edit wardrobes, organize closets, hunt for bargains for clients’ every day looks and shop distinctive pieces for special events. I teach style workshops and host trunk shows introducing unique handcrafted Italian accessories to the Seattle market. I share my style inspirations on social media and give back to the community by volunteering as a stylist at Dress for Success Seattle.

My European styling perspective has now become enriched with American effortlessness. It is with this unique experience that I offer my professional services in person and also with an online alternative. My goal is assist the development of my clients’ self discovery, individuality and personal flair. I look forward to helping you find looks that express and celebrate you. 


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